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The Turark Indigenous Bush Foods and Medicines web site has been put together by the Indigenous people of the Biripi Nation of the Manning Valley on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales. The project was auspiced by the Purfleet Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council and has been funded by the NSW Environmental Trust with additional support provided by the Community Development Employment Project (CDEP).  This web site covers bush foods, bush medicines, plants used to make weapons, tools and instruments, plants used for ceremonies, plants used for arts and craft and culturally significant plants of the Purfleet and Saltwater district.

The project was assisted by Bryan Walker, an ethno botanist who has worked with many tribal Aboriginal community groups within Australia in the fields of environmental science and zoology.  Bryan has spent the last four years working with the Purfleet-Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council and a number of Indigenous CDEP participants, to establish a native plant nursery and to assist in the documentation of plant species within the Purfleet/Saltwater area.

This resource will be a valuable addition to the growing number of local histories of Aboriginal groups and will be an excellent resource for use within schools, universities and the wider community by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

This web site resource is the first stage of a bush foods collection, with the documentation of species in other parts of the Biripi Nation to follow.  The collection will also include the weeds and exotic species that are affecting native habitats in the region.

This resource would not have been made possible without the hard work of many people, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, helping to bring about positive changes to the relationship between our respective cultures.


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