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The content of this Turark Native Plants and Medicines web site is provided for information purpose only.  No claim is made as to the accuracy, authenticity or the content of this web site.  In no event will the Purfleet-Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Biripi people of the Manning, or their instrumentalities and employees be liable for the accuracy of the information contained on this web site, or its use or for reliance placed upon it.  The information on this web site is provided on the basis that all persons accessing this web site undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance and accuracy of its content

Information published on this web site by the Purfleet-Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council is considered to be true and correct at the time of publication.  Changes in circumstances after the time of publication may impact on the accuracy of this information and the Purfleet Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council gives no assurance as to the accuracy of any information or advice contained on this web site.

The information contained on this web site is not to be displayed except in full screen format.  No liability is accepted for any information which may appear in any other formats.  No responsibility is taken for any information which may appear on any linked sites, CD-ROMs or other media.

This web site may provide references to other resources and web sites.  These external information sources are outside our control.  It is the responsibility of users to make their own decisions about the accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness of information found.  The Purfleet-Taree Local Aboriginal Land Council does not necessarily endorse any company, organization or other media linked to this web site.


This web site has plants and medicines that may look similar to other species or may exhibit characteristics similar to species described but are totally different in their uses.  Native vegetation although appearing harmless can be extremely dangerous or fatal.  Some species require extensive treatment and preparation, with detailed knowledge of the processes, before they can be consumed. Plants eaten by birds and animals are no indicator of plants suitable for human consumption.

Due to cultural, spiritual and philosophical reasons a plant or animal may be consumed in one region but not in others.  It is advisable to be in the company of Elders of the area or scientifically trained personnel before the consumption or usage of a native plant or medicine.

With the diversity of Aboriginal languages within Australia, the names of species may vary. The language of the Biripi people of the Manning is the Kattang, and this varies from region to region. Common names of plants vary enormously. Although there are a number of species with the same common name throughout Australia, these species may not be related.  Common names are not an indicator for accurate identification of a species.

There is no warranty that this web site will be free of electronic infections or viruses or any other manifesting, contaminating or destructive properties.


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