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The Biripi Nation is made up of various small groups of mostly one or two families.  The Biripi area takes in such towns as Taree, Wingham, Nabiac, and Tinonee.  The Biripi people travelled around their country according to the seasons and the availability of their food sources.  They also traded with other Nations for tools, food, and useful equipment.  During their travels they harvested the native plants and utilized them for their survival and their traditional practices.  These practices were orally handed down over the generations and it is this information has helped to form the basis of this web site.

The Australian Aboriginal culture is the oldest living culture in the world.  The Indigenous people of Australia have inhabited this region for well over 20,000 years, with recent research indicating this could be more like 60,000 years. Their history and knowledge is one of an oral nature with the knowledge and wisdom of the very first inhabitants of this land handed down over the millennia so that it still exists today.  Aboriginal people have lived in a harmonious way with nature, caring for it and surviving on it. By ensuring natures survival the Aboriginal people have ensured their own survival. 


The cultural, spiritual and philosophical beliefs may vary between tribes and the knowledge of a group may vary from time to time.

With the arrival of European settlers into this area much of the knowledge and customs of the Aboriginal people were slowly changed and some things have been lost or forgotten.  Scientists have had to work over recent decades to bridge this gap in Indigenous knowledge.

Enormous inroads have been made in creating a better understanding of the traditional Indigenous knowledge of the fauna and flora of Australia.  This is partly due to the development of a trusting relationship between certain dedicated individuals who have worked at bridging the social and cultural gaps that were created with the occupation and development of this land


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